Sports Without Fans

Sports are a significant part of the entertainment area and it can get to be a pretty big part in someone’s lives. Sports have had to be cancelled/postponed due to this pandemic. Many people have been affected by these decisions. Many people have been bored and stuck alone at home. 

Well, sports have come back and are here to entertain us. These are the times when we need sports the most. During these times you can’t go and watch the live match in person. This time all the matches have to be watched on TV. But, many sports have virtual fans. The way that works is that you have to apply to be accepted to go there and then join a zoom meeting. You join the meeting and appear on giant screens on sports matches. This is a new method for fans to be able to attend the match which is the most effective way for people to attend different events. 

Sports coming back without fans can be a positive in various ways.

  1. Sports entertain us while being stuck at home. 
  2. No one is in contact with the virus because the players stay in their bubble and fans in their houses
  3. It provides space and availability for sports to come back during these hard times. 
  4. It can be used as an escape for someone that is going through rough times
  5. Also families can share quality time by watching tournaments together

Sports are back and better than ever. They are here to give us a good time.

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