Spray Paint Art

As you know, there are infinite ways to create art today: electronically, dancing, painting, making music, and tons more. With the world having tons of diversity and creativity, everyday people create new forms of art, specifically involving painting. 

One of these creative art forms includes spray paint and painting canvas. People usually associate spraypaint art with vandalism and violence, but these works of art are the exact opposite. People have been finding ways to implement new objects into their art, as well as everyday items, which is one of the reasons why this type of art was created. 

More and more graffiti artists were getting into legal trouble due to them expressing their art in public spaces, so they needed to improvise. One of the artists that started this movement is known as Bogdan NYC or spartnyc who set out for another way to express his creativity with spray paint. He adapted using a painting canvas, spray paint, and other random objects to give his paintings life. He uses things such as crumpled up newspaper, lighters, rulers, knives, and many other things you can find at home. This artist and many others that have copied his art style have their ‘art studios’ at famous tourist attractions like times square. I say they have their art studios like that because these people work only with a table and the things necessary to paint with, no fancy painting utensils, just the basics.

Joaquin Balsells

My name is Joaquin Balsells. I am an 11th grader who loves basketball and riding motorcycles. I am from Argentina. My favorite food is a hamburger. A word that would describe me would be athletic

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