Starship is a two-stage fully reusable rocket that has been designed by SpaceX to complete difficult space missions. The Starship rocket is 122 meters tall, has a diameter of 9 meters, and a mass of around 5,000,000 kg with the payload on it. To carry this mass, Starship uses newly developed SpaceX Raptor engines which use liquid Methane and liquid Oxygen as fuel. These Raptor engines create around 2,200 Kilonewtons of force; there are 31 engines on Starship’s Booster.  In the future, the CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk would like for this rocket to be used not only for interplanetary travel but also for terrestrial. Travel on Earth would occur by placing people in orbit where friction is negligible and then reentering the atmosphere. By doing so, he says that the time of long flights would be reduced tremendously. In addition, Starship would be used to conduct missions such as moon landings,  refillings of the ISS, and eventually flights to Mars. With such crazy ambitions, Elon Musk will use Starship to improve the future of the human race through space travel and exploration. It is very important to understand that one day, Earth will face an extinction event to which SpaceX is to help with the process of making the Human race a multi-planetary species. Already, SpaceX has done more for space travel than has been done over the past 60 years. This is due to the fact that they have mastered orbital rockets that are able to land back on earth. By doing this, SpaceX reduces the cost of space travel, and therefore, it will be accessible at a lesser cost. If SpaceX continues to advance at the rate that it has over the past 18 years, then it will play a huge role in space exploration as a whole. 

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