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We all want to complete all of our tasks, but sometimes it can be hard to do so. For example, you want to complete all of your homework, but also want to hang out with your friends. As such, in order to accomplish this, we have to work efficiently. You have probably heard the phrase “work smarter not harder,” which is key for efficiency.. 

Getting things done smartly and on time requires more than creating a do-list or checking your calendar frequently. It requires you to change some work habits. 

Working many hours is not efficient, and it can tremendously damage your health. Instead of working all day without resting a bit, you can become more effective if you prioritize your tasks. Working efficiently is not just prioritizing or doing to-do lists. To become efficient, one needs to make strategies. Here are some ways to improve your efficiency!


  1. Time Management Skills

Time management is key for work efficiency; however sometimes it is hard to do, and in some cases, we don’t finish because we don’t have time to do so. Here are some ways to improve this.

  • Ignore any kind of distraction (phones, games, emails, etc).
  • Abandon the idea of multitasking as it will only slow you down and can ruin your focus. 
  • Set a reasonable deadline and do everything you can to meet it. 
  • See what you can do the fastest and what might slow you down. Start with the things that are easy and fast to do. When those  tasks are completed, start to work on the other, harder ones.


  1. Relieve stress

Stress is the cause of many problems in someone’s health. For example, it can cause physical, emotional, and behavioral problems. Further, stress obstructs your work performance. Relieve stress by doing exercises, playing sports, attending religious services, listening to music, reading, spending time with your friends and family, or going outside for a walk. All of these will eventually lead to performing your tasks stress-free. As a result, your work performance will improve, making you finish your tasks faster.

3. YOU are the greatest resource!! 

Time is not the greatest resource, it’s YOU. Even though time is an important role in work efficiency, the one who performs the tasks is YOU. Therefore, if you do not get enough sleep, exercise, and relaxation, you will become less productive. You will work tirelessly for hours which is the exact opposite of what you want. When you are starting to work, make sure you are in your best shape. This will lead to work efficiently. Further, it is also important to rest, so that you can recharge that energy and be productive again.

4. Prioritizing

As it was explained before, sometimes we have to prioritize our tasks. Unfortunately, we all have trade-offs; we have to leave something for other things. When we have a lot of things to do, it is best to prioritize your tasks from most important to least. This will help you not to be inefficient by doing tasks that are not that important. 

  1. Stop Worrying!

One has to understand that this world is not perfect. We have to know that we cannot do everything perfectly. Further, this life is full of obstacles that make life interesting.  Therefore, we have to tolerate them. When something inconvenient happens, don’t stress or cry, because everyone in this world faces inconveniences. So, rather than stressing, getting frustrated, worrying, and crying, try to stand up and keep going no matter what. 

Long, long hours of work is basically torture. However, we can change that it is all about attitude and strategy. So, remember that we can always work efficiently and that we have to work smarter not harder. 

shannon maldonado

Hi, my name is Shannon I am from the US. I like Japanese food. Some words that describe my character are creative and determined.

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