Staying In Quarantine

Quarantine treats everyone in different ways. Some might be glad they get to stay at home, while others not at all. But it is very important to follow this quarantine because in many countries, such as Italy,  thousands of people have died, and many more are infected with the virus. It is for our best to stay at home.

At first, I thought that quarantine was kind of ridiculous due to the fact that there was only one or two cases of coronavirus in La Paz, and no one was taking it seriously. As cases started increasing, as I started to watch the news, as I read articles about how awful it is to have this sickness, and as my parent’s friends started to get the virus, it made me realize that quarantine is the best thing for ourselves to stay safe and it should be followed. Even if it is boring and we don’t have anything interesting to do, it is best to stay at home. Let’s see quarantine as a positive thing to stay safe and let’s find ourselves something to do!

I know quarantine has been boring, and probably most of you agree with me on this one, so I decided to paint my wall so I don’t get bored. I started drawing on my wall, and once I was finished, I started painting. I have not finished yet, but it leaves me time to keep on working on it whenever I get bored. Another thing I have to do is help out at home. This is probably something most of us hate doing. I sometimes have to wash dishes, help my mom cook, clean the house, and other things. Even though I hate doing this, I realized that I should do it more often and help out more often. Lastly, there is an online school, that keeps me really busy until 3 pm. 

The time we have been in quarantine has made me realize how thankful I have to be for all the things we have. For example, I am really thankful for school. Now, I know I hate school, but now that we have been locked up and not leaving the house, it made me think twice and I realize how grateful I am for being able to go to school. Without school, I  really don’t know what I would be doing, I would get really bored! It also made me more thoughtful for others. For example, when I saw videos of how this sickness feels, videos of 12-year-old children in the hospital not being able to breathe, it broke my heart. I believe that these rough times will make us all a better person, more thoughtful for others and for the environment, we will all value the love of family, and the value of everything we have. This will make us all more “human”. Stay safe and stay at home

Abril Zuazo

My name is Abril Zuazo. I am a senior who loves soccer. I am from Bolivia. My favorite food is Sushi. A word that would describe me would be gentle.

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