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STEAM is a learning program that uses science, technology, engineering, art, and math. This program is integrated into learning and teaching, so that students make connections with all the subjects they know, and solve problems that involve critical thinking. Teachers want students to solve real-world problems through learning activities, and uses creative and analytical thinking. There are plenty of benefits that STEAM learning gives such as thinking outside the box, working with other students, and promotes curiosity by encouraging students to be more active and participant.

Schools in the US have integrated the program. An example would be Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology, which is considered to be the best high school for STEAM education in the US. The school focuses around science and technology the most because they think that it is what the future generations need. The second best STEAM high school in the US is the High Technology High School. This school only focus on technology and electronics due to the fact that technology is the future . The third best STEAM school in the US is the BASIS Independent Silicon Valley. The BASIS Independent school focuses on art and science based learning, because in art you can be creative. You can implement the creativity from art into the science program.

ACS should put more effort into the STEAM program because it will help students think outside the box, interact with other classmates in projects, and it creates a positive learning experience. Teachers can implement the art aspect in STEAM to help students visualize what they are supposed to do. Doing a project with groups and visualizes would be better for students to learn, and put effort into what the final product would be for the project and it makes all students participate. The main goal for STEAM is to help prepare students to solve real world problems by making real world cases.



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