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Technology is advancing every day. The metaverse is the most recent development in the world of technology. In the metaverse, people are able to virtually interact in all the aspects of their lives the same way they do in reality but by using avatars and through VR lenses. Many activities will be carried out in this virtual reality. However, one of the most popular ones for people is shopping, and companies are aware of that.

 Therefore, some businesses are risking daring to go into the metaverse. On January 6 of this year, The Samsung 837X store was installed in Decertanl, which is a type of metaverse. This Samsung store is a replica of a real-world shop situated at 837 Washington Street in New York City. A company that is planning to open on the metaverse is Walmart Inc. Walmart is interested in selling virtual merchandise. This company solicited to establish itself as a registered brand in the metaverse. 

There are already stores of companies such as Facebook, Adidas, Nike, Ralph Lauren, Bumble, Disney, and other companies with the willpower to install themselves in the metaverse.

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