Studying Hacks No One Tells You

Studying can be a real bummer, and no matter how hard we try, many of us still end up struggling. For some unknown reason, people give the same studying advice over and over again. They always say “be organized”, “avoid procrastinating”, “and put your phone down.” Although these are indeed helpful, they surely lack creativity. Let me save you from a boring studying routine and give you these 10 weird, but somehow useful studying hacks. Not only do they make things more dynamic, but they also motivate you. 

  • Spray an unfamiliar scent while studying.

You can actually trick your brain to associate a specific scent with the topic you are studying. Make sure to spray it before you take your test to jog your memory.

  • Chew gum
  • Unexpectedly, chewing gum helps wake up your brain because it increases your cerebral blood flow. This helps you stay focused and increases your concentration. Pineapple and mint flavors are said to work the best.


  • Eat gummy bears or M&Ms

This is simply just for a little push. If you are studying from a book, eat your favorite treat every couple of pages as a motivation to keep going. It will give you a sense of progress. 


  • Create mental pictures

 Picturing events, people, or things in your head will make you remember them much better. We remember images more than we do words. 


  • Switch settings

Unlike popular belief, studying in the same place every time can be more harmful than beneficial. When you switch places your brain will easily adapt to your test-taking surroundings and will improve your brain’s ability to recall information.


  • Eat chocolate

Chocolate improves your focus and memory. Bonus: it is a delicious treat.


  • Use acronyms

This one isn’t uncommon, but it is helpful. This will help you remember a long list of words better and in the proper order.


  • Reward yourself after a long studying period

This can be as simple as listening to your favorite song, stretching, or taking a walk. It will release a chemical called dopamine from your brain that will make you feel more energized. It will motivate you to keep studying. 


  • Listen to music

Also contrary to popular belief, background music can help you relieve stress when studying. Make sure that it is something calm or instrumental and not something too distracting because, in that case, it can end up backfiring.  


  • Relax the night before an exam

You will feel calmer and in a better testing state if you have a good night’s sleep before your exam.

Remember, the next time you have to study go buy yourself a pack of gum, your favorite candy, and get yourself an odd perfume scent. You will ace your test! Good luck! 


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