Superfluid Spacetime

Everything around the universe is rotating around something containing mass due to the gravitational pull of matter all around the universe. Although this is true, scientists don’t believe that the universe itself is not revolving. Physicists have been searching for years for ways to get gravity to agree with quantum mechanics. A solution to this problem is to think of spacetime as a superfluid that contains properties that humans may not have discovered yet. In this example, particles would travel through spacetime like waves in an ocean as it must follow the laws of fluid mechanics. This theory suggests that the superfluid, in which spacetime is composed of, lacks friction so particles move without a force acting upon them, but they do lose a large amount of energy as time passes. A pair of scientists, Liberati and Maccione, have their eyes and instruments focused specifically on the Crab Nebula which is a large source of high-energy X-rays and gamma rays. These scientists are hoping that changes in that radiation as it travels to Earth through a medium will help test their superfluid theory. This theory does not have many supporters as evidence for its validity has not surfaced yet. But if this theory turns out to be correct, scientists could solve a lot of issues in terms of understanding unknown elements such as dark matter.

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