Teachers as Students

 Mr. Carpio→ is the class clown. His main focus is to make others laugh no matter what. He somehow also gets along with the teachers. 

Mr. Estrugo→ The smartest of the class. Sometimes even corrects the teacher. 

Ms. Andi→ Also in the competition for the smartest in class. If you sit near her, she will fully spray you with Febreze.

Ms. van Strien→ The best student in the class. If she didn’t get the best grades, she would completely lose it and start beating everyone. She would get into arguments with the teachers about them not giving out enough homework. 

Ms. Sainz→ was a chill teacher. Everybody got along perfectly with Ms. Sainz. Teachers and students loved her, and this makes up for the lack of homework assignments she regularly forgot to turn in.  

Mr. Soliz→ Dani was a ladies’ guy. The typical player that made it look easy. Girls chased him like bees chase honey. 

Mr. Ochs→ was the one to fall asleep during his teacher’s lectures, but at the same time had good grades. Whenever he got together with Mr. Carpio, teachers would cry. They were the dynamic duo. Carpio gave the ideas, Ochs executed the plans. 

Santiago DeGrandchant

I’m Santiago de Grandchant, a 16-year-old junior who loves soccer and horseback riding. I am widely regarded as the next Barack Obama although sometimes people confuse me with Schwarzenegger.

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