Terrafroming mars

Humanity is running through all our resources in a very quick manner which is also polluting the environment causing major problems such as climate change.

I  a few hundred years we will need a new planet to go live on as planet earth will probably be destroyed thanks to all the pollution and contamination we did to our planet.

One of the best hosts for Earth 2.0 is mars, but mars are not quite that habitable thanks to the constant high levels of carbon-dioxide, long-lasting sandstorms, and the thin atmosphere that lets high levels of radiation into the Martian surface.


But humanity  has come with a major solution to  these problems, and it might sound kind of crazy but it really isn’t. The solution to terraforming Mars into a habitable planet is nuking the poles of the planet in order to  melt existing  water in the planet releasing trapped  carbondale triggering the greenhouse effect which would trap solar radiation  heating up the planet while water can sustain plant life and human life for another millions of  years.


Let’s hope humanity can save the destruction we have created to the planet and create awareness to stop pollution so hopefully, we don’t have to create Earth 2.0

Patrick Schmidts

My name is Patrick Schmidts. I am a junior who likes motocross. I am from Bolivia. My favorite food is pizza. A word that would describe me would be outgoing.

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