The ACS HS Boys Basketball team is ready for the new season! The team started with their first practice on January 21st, 2020. 

Last year, the team took part in two different tournaments. In the Cougar-Cup, they won the championship and came second place in Friendship Games. 

This successful team’s subsequent victories have raised the standards for this year’s Cougar-Cup and Friendships. As a result, Coach Andres Estrugo, co-trainer Cem Savran, and the basketball players are aware of the situation and practice several times a week.

In an interview with coach Estrugo,  he stated that “it is planned that the team will participate in the Cougar-Cup and  Friendship Games as we did last year. We will fight for new successes.” Throughout the years, the support of the school officers and students has helped this team win multiple games. 

All players of the team are really excited about the upcoming matches. The practices are going well and the players said that they are neither “afraid of the Cougar-Cup nor the Friendship Games opponents”.

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