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The Boom of NFTs

For those disconnected from the internet, an NFT is a non-fungible token. What does that mean? Well, it is a unique digital identifier that can’t be copied or substituted. A token is permanently linked to a piece and encrypted with the author’s signature to ensure authenticity. An NTF could be anything digital. It isn’t necessarily an image. One thing that gives value to an NFT is the digital or real application. With the digital application comes the gaming industry. It would be fun to use NFTs in video games as your character’s clothing or “skin.” The incoming metaverse could allow this feature, permitting the user to have a closet and change its character appearance depending on the occasion. NFTs are not only something cool that improve the gaming experience, but they are beneficial for artists. Skillful people in digital drawing could give it a shot and earn some money from their art. Art pieces are something more than just a drawing or paintings. They have a story, culture, and work behind them. In recent video games, the idea of skins for players’ characters has worked very well. The companies that own the games have made millions of dollars selling skins alone. Digital artists could associate with video game companies to exploit their talent and profit from it. Both players and artists would benefit from this new type of technology. 

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