“The Box” New Hit

Julian Zamora

Mr. Carpio


January 17, 2020

“The Box” a song with an amazing name was written by rapper Roddy Ricch. This song has surpassed Justin Bieber’s “Yummy”, reaching #1 in the Hot 100 list. Roddy Ricch’s new song is blowing up everywhere! This is his best song by far! The streaming of this impressive rack has been mainly through Spotify and Apple Music. It has a total of 68.2 million streams and 11,000 downloads. Roddy Ricch has several songs that stand in the Top 100 but this song just surpassed all of his other songs, including High Fashion and Ballin. Roddy Ricch is a 21-year old rapper that has just blown away the Hip-Hop industry. This incredible song has also made an impact on well-known app Tik Tok. Many famous Tik Tok celebrities have been dancing to this song. If you haven’t heard this breathtaking song just go to any streaming service and search it up, you will be blown away!

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