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The Cafeteria Wants No Money

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First week of school. Not very excited to talk about this week. I hate coming back to school. I want to clear out, however, that I hate all schools, not just this one. 

Today was a little different, however. It was the first day of the year that I decided I was going to eat in the cafeteria. I approached the tiny cafeteria window and with a calm voice, said: 2836 (and before you go to the cafeteria and try to steal my money, you might want to know that I have no money and that number is not actually my cafeteria password.) I then asked for a bottle of water and hung Bs. 10 to one of the cafeteria ladies. Everything was going tremendously smoothly until the cafeteria BOSS looked at my Bs. 10 and rapidly and angrily said: “Give me your mom’s number. This is enough. We can’t be manipulating money like this all the time. ” For the next 30 seconds I just stared at her. It was probably really weird. The thing is that on the inside, I was laughing so hard. I politely gave her the number and got my water. I was not scared because my mom will probably think as I do: Why does the cafeteria want nos money?

I decided that I will stop eating in the cafeteria because of three reasons: they do not want to, I do not enjoy the food, and because it is too expensive. It is basically reciprocity.

I will end this article by saying that five days have gone by and my mom and I are still waiting for that threatening call.

Matias Mercado

Matías Mercado Grossman is a 12th grader. He writes opinion editorials and is an editor for the Newspaper Team. His favorite movie is 12 Angry Men.

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