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The Cheerleading Exhibition

Cheerleading is definitely a sport, whether some people may argue that it isn’t.  It takes a lot of physical, and mental effort. Hours are spent training, and I would even take the risk to say that cheerleaders train more than most sports, and sadly are not taken seriously, or congratulated for their hard work. Every cheer has to be perfect, you may think that we just scream and do silly dances for the athletes of other teams. But being in every single soccer, volley, or basketball match is hard, standing under the sun and maintaining the “hand on hips” at all times is exhausting, and we, moreover, end up voiceless. Anyways, the Cheerleading Exhibition is something very special that every cheerleader puts their heart and effort into. Every step of the making is extremely cool and it takes a lot of creativity, coordination, teamwork, and time for it to work. The first steps are to choose the music and vote for songs. Then, 3-4 cheerleaders are chosen to make a dance for the songs. The hard part is training for the dance so that it is extremely coordinated and flawless. The time that the school sets for our practices are only 2 hours per week, however, we train 3 hours more every Sunday of every week. Also, as the time approaches the exhibition, we even train for 3 hours on Saturdays, and Sundays. Sometimes, we get frustrated as the dance doesn’t end up being what we thought. Other times, we have so much joy from being with such an amazing team and having great teammates that, even though the dance might have not been perfect, we still are thankful and happy for the outcomes.  I believe that the Cheer Exhibition is the most fun part of it. Also, all the athletes get to feel the school spirit and support, and we all become a big family, which is what we are at the end of the day. I hope that this year’s cheer exhibition turns out perfect, as the Calvert Cup is something unique, never happened before. Also, the world cup is happening right now, which is why we will have a surprise for all our athletes. YASSSS <3


Amelie Garron

Hi!! My name is Amelie Garron, I’m in 11th grade, and I love the gym and dancing. Moreover, I love to spend time with my friends and have unforgettable moments. My favorite subjects in school are Newspaper and Ap bio!

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