The Cougar Press 2019

A new school year means more opportunities to learn and grow. It allows for students and teachers to further develop their skills, and to initiate and pursue amazing projects. A great example of this being true is the newspaper. In the 2018-2019 school year, The Cougar Press was founded. A class of around 17-20 students, alongside Mr. Carpio, made it their mission to create a platform with original, informative, and occasionally funny content. 

The people who were in the newspaper last year had so much to offer. We had people who were incredibly into science, and found these amazing and interesting topics that people knew little about. The newspaper team also had people drawing their own memes, and overall, had people spicing up the humor section with fun, and slightly provocative pieces. 

The members of The Cougar Press last year successfully created a platform where students can speak up freely, and where we can educate and learn from each other. 

This year’s group is a very interesting one. There are many sophomores, more juniors, and less seniors than last year. However, this class is full of potential. Every single person in the newspaper team has something completely different to offer. The different perspectives and articles that we are getting is incredible. These are points of view, and ideas that are very crucial and valuable to sustaining the newspaper. There are topics that are being written about, that I had never even heard of. This year’s team is a very creative one, and we have the potential to improve and expand The Cougar Press even more. 

This year, we’re upping our game. We’re coming up with new ways to produce our content, we are interacting with the school community even more, and we have more exciting ideas that are coming soon. 

Aryanna Morales

My name is Aryanna. I am a senior who loves writing. I am from Bolivia. My favorite food is lentil saise. A word that would describe me would be creative.

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