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The Cougar Press Happiness Campaign

What makes you happy? Video games? Maybe funny movies? Perhaps being with your friends? Whatever makes you happy should make you smile and be a favorite thing you do; you should eventurn it into a hobby. You should write it in the huge poster the Newspaper class is placing because we are interested in what makes you happy to see if other people agree. 

This campaign that the Newspaper class is doing is very interesting. You write what makes you happy, see if other people agree or disagree, and see if others see it appealing.They could even try it out someday to figure out if it really is a great way to release you from other negative emotions and put you in a happy state. It is your choice to write down on it, and if you do, you might be selected to participate in one of our videos relating to happiness, explaining what makes you happy and encourage others to try it out and if they do, you will be well known in the school and people will thank you for teaching them your way of escaping negative feelings. 

There are a lot of things in the world that makes us happy;feel free to accept them and share them to give others the opportunity to expand their ways of being happy. We share many things in common. Video games do not only help you, but they also help other people because you might have the same likes;seeing that you have the same likings as someone else will make you happy because you will not not feel alone. Like Benjamin Franklin once said, “Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.”

davis choi

Hi my name is Davis Choi, and no, I am not related to Bruce Lee. I love to play video games and hangout with friends. A few words that describe me would be fun, interesting, and social. Add me on Discord! Entity#0588

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