The Disappearing of Glaciers

A glacier is composed of a big amount of ice a glacier acts as a reservoir of water. Most glaciers are disappearing worldwide. The reasons are several such as the industrial revolution, carbon dioxide, and other greenhouse gas emissions that have raised temperatures higher in the poles a result,  glaciers are melting more quickly.  


One of the biggest factors in the disappearance of glaciers is global warming. The melting of the glaciers can cause the sea levels to increase, coastal erosion, surges, the creation of more frequent and intense coastal storms like hurricanes and typhoons.


This issue with the glaciers is the most visible evidence of global warming. In the future, it is estimated that the glaciers’ 39% of their ice is going to be lost. Without glaciers, the oceans will get warmer as the ocean will absorb more heat and our drinking water is going to get lost in the sea.

Therefore, we should be aware of this problem as now we know all of the consequences that we could get from the disappearance of glaciers. 

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