The Earth Without Humans

We, humanity, have had an enormous impact on the planet. Some scientists think that the changes that we created on earth will endure for many years. One of the major impacts we have done is pollution. This has killed off many species, as well endangered many others. What would happen if humans were erased from the planet?

In the beginning, oil refineries would explode creating fires that would endure around a month. Abandoned drainage pumps would flood the underground railroad systems in three days. At the end of the first week, all the energy generators would have shut down. In the next 20 years, streets and buildings would be covered by weeds and roots. The water from the tunnels would flood the cities creating rivers. The sky buildings would collapse after 200 years due to the change in temperatures. In suburban areas, plagues such as rats and cockroaches would infest and destroy the houses. Many cities would be covered by imported plants. Our pets, like cats and dogs, would die from starvation. It would take 75,000 years to eliminate the contamination from the air. Our creations that would last the longest time are our bronze sculptures, our buried buildings, and America’s Mont. Rushmore; they would survive like legit 10 million years.

Despite our dead pets, nature would spread incredibly easily without our intervention. Life would be incredibly abundant. Imagine a world full of plants and animals in the ruins of our society.

Pablo Penaloza

My name is Pablo Peñalosa. I am a junior who loves basketball. I am from Tarija. My favorite food is seafood. A word that would describe me would be persistent.

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