The F1 Season is Starting in July

As many of you know, the world stopped. The ecosystem is regenerating itself. The world’s economy is going to runes and many countries are entering a new  month of quarantine. 

Many professional sports have been postponed and a lot of them have been cancelled. Well for example the NBA is  opening its r facilities on May 1st. But many other sports will not be playedor will take place in a year from now, once the vaccine is out. For example the Italian League of soccer isn’t going to play matches until the vaccine is out. 

Well the F1 season has a new date of start. The F1 season was supposed to start on the 21st of March but it didn’t because of the virus. Everybody was waiting for this moment, everyone was excited to see which team was going to win and if Mercedes or Ferrari were going to win. Many races have been cancelled and many have been postponed. But there was a very big confusion of people about when the season woudl start. But today all those confusing thoughts have gone away and finally the commission gave us a date of whenthe season will start. Well, the big day is July 5th, 2020 and  the first race will take place in Austria. The time has come for the season to start. There are many sports that are starting slow this month and many things in the world are going back to normal slowly. Which means that the world is controlling the virus and is taking action.

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