The Fall of FC Barcelona

As many of you know, FC Barcelona was the best soccer club/team in the world. It was the best team for many years had the best players to ever participate in soccer. This has been the home for the best player of all-time, Lionel Messi. He has been playing for Barcelona for 16 years which has been since the beginning of his career.

This Argentinian star is 33 years old and the best soccer player of all-time. He wears a jersey with the number 10 and is a forward striker. He is small but fast, talented, and with a big heart. In every single match he participates in, he displays his best and shows his passion for the game of soccer. Messi has won three Ballon d’Or which is the soccer MVP of the season in other words the best player of the season. He has also won 33 trophies including ten La Liga titles, four UEFA champions league titles, and six Copas del Rey. He has also broken many records in soccer. 

You may be thinking why I said that it is the fall of Barcelona. Well, Messi has been struggling with the team because he wanted to expand and explore new teams. Barcelona on the other hand doesn’t want to let him go which has led to many issues, where even lawyers were included. This has led to the team having setbacks and many problems, for example, other players leaving Barcelona. This has also led to Messi missing games and causing the Barcelona team to get a little mixed up. 

We will have to wait for the future to show us what will happen with Lionel Messi. We will also have to wait for destiny to show us the future of Barcelona. 

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