The fight of the Century

Known as the fight of the century, Ali v. Fraizer, on March 8, 1971, approximately 50 years ago.  It took place in the ring at Madison Square. Two men who had never fought before, and who would give their all to keep that streak alive. Ali was 31-0 and Fraizer was 26-0. 

At a time in history when boxing was so much more important than other sports that it even left aside soccer and basketball. Both with very different trajectories but with only one thing in common, the effort, since both had forged their career based on effort and sacrifice. The fight lasted for 15 fierce rounds, where everything was summed up in a sudden hook that left Ali on the ground. And Fraizer won by unanimous decision.

Kengui Condori

Hi I am Kengui Condori, I am in 12th grade. I love to play soccer and all kind of sports. I am from Bolivia and I love to eat salteña.

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