The Hope of a Country

Who in Bolivia does not remember the Bolivian soccer team from 1994. The mythical team who took us to our last World Cup (at least until now). The mythical players Marco Etcheverry, Erwin Sanchez, Carlos Borja, Julio Baldivieso among others, led the team to the World Cup with the help of Javier Azkargorta. The 1994 team was the last great squad that Bolivia had so far. Bolivia during the last qualifying, rounds could not do anything and was almost always in the last position.


During this last qualifying round for the World Cup, the reality of Bolivia had a drastic change. After several failures, Bolivia depends on itself to qualify for a World Cup after 28 years. Bolivia still has 6 games to play and of those 6 it should win 4 (something that is not impossible). After many years, you can see a more confident and united Bolivian selection. The team commanded by Cesar Farias is closer than ever to make the dream of many come true than to see their team in a World Cup. The most beautiful thing that this selection did is to unite the Bolivian people. Many people gather in the stadium to support the national team, regardless of your political ideals or the way of thinking of a person.


After all that has been said before, I have a question for you, do you think that Bolivia will achieve the feat of entering a World Cup or not?

Andres Alba

Hi, my name is Andres and I love to play video games and soccer. A word that describes me is creative.

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