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The impact of social media during hard times

We always have been taught that social media is mostly something negative, dangerous, and time-consuming. Nevertheless, can we say the same in the middle of a pandemic?
Covid-19 has led us to spend time at home more than we could have ever expected to. Days have blended into this monotone routine of waking up, joining some Zoom calls, doing lots of homework/work, eating, and going to sleep. However, something has made this experience a lot easier and bearable.
Since the beginning of the pandemic, social media has been a way where humans all around the world connected and supported each other. Whether it was through emotional videos of neighbors helping each other or memes about how 2020 kept getting worse, for at least a few moments, it was inevitable to feel a sense of comprehension. We even had the chance to learn new skills and other things, such as following the latest Tik Tok trend or learning a new and easy recipe.
Just like with everything else, social media did cause some things that weren’t as positive. The spread of fake news was at its highest point, especially regarding health concerns and conspiracy theories. Not forgetting the constant amount of ‘bad’ news (increasing cases, political issues, etc).
In the end, social media platforms have been a useful resource during this time, which allowed us to find a small escape from our routines. Maybe, after all, this pandemic has shed a different light on the way we view social media.

Eva Gutierrez

My name is Eva Gutierrez and I am a junior. I like learning new languages. One word that describes me is hardworking.

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