The Influence of Covid-19 on Professional Sports

Well as many of you know Covid-19 has had a very big impact on the world. This virus has stopped the entire world. Covid-19 has affected the economy of the world. Trade, export, and import have been cancelled and postponed.Most importantly, one of the major forms of entertainment has been stopped; Sports. Most of the population in the world watch sports to entertain themselves, to see their team win, and a lot of people bet on them.

One of the biggest platforms of sports have been cancelled: The UEFA Champions League, NBA, NFL , and the biggest event this year, The Olympics. These games should have taken place in Japan in the month of July. But because of the virus the Olympics have been moved to July, 2021. The NBA season has been cancelled until further notice, which means that it will be coming back when this virus is gone. There is still a chance for the season to be cancelled and just start again with a fresh and new season in October. The NFL season is not starting till August but at this point and how this is progressing no one thinks they will come back. The F1 season has been interrupted in many ways. Many races have been cancelled and some have been postponed for example the first race of the season in Melbourne, Australia has been cancelled. We all hope sports will come back and wish everything  can come back to normal again. For now we have to keep our hopes high and have positive vibes.

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