The Lakers Superteam

The Lakers organization has always been a well known organization. Having won many titles throughout the years. Being the home to many legends and good players. For example, being the team in which Kobe Bryant (Many think he is the GOAT [Greatest of all Time])  played and had a great career winning 5 titles with the Lakers organization. Shaq also played there which is presumably one of the best duos in the NBA throughout the years. The Lakers nowadays have which most people know Lebron James. They also acquired Anthony Davis two years ago in a trade with the New Orleans Pelicans. With him they went on to win another championship the same year. Last year the Lakers had a sudden fall and had a very bad year. They had many injuries including Lebron James And Anthony Davis, their two stars being held out for a lot of time. They came back for the playoffs, when the Lakers were the 7th seed in the West. They had to play the play-in tournament where they qualified for the playoffs. They went on to lose in the first round of the playoffs. 

This year the Lakers went on and built a super team that can go either really bad or it can go really good which is to win a Championship. They built a team with old players, just for the NBA because they are really not old, but we are talking about all the teams being 30+, only having 3 players on the team under 30. One of them is Anthony Davis, 28 years old. Having multiple guys at 36 yrs old for example, Lebron James and Trevor Ariza. The oldest guy on the team is Carmelo Anthony being 37 yrs old. They also got two young talents that can help the team if they play their best basketball, Kendrick Nunn and Malik Monk. We will have to wait for the season to start to see the outcome of the team. 


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