The Louvre Closes Because of the Coronavirus

The dangerous coronavirus has now spread to almost every continent. The second continent with the most outbreak is Europe, with 400 cases in Italy and 140 in France. Both of these countries have some of the most important and visited museums. So it comes as no surprise that the Louvre had to take some time off to discuss the matter.

The French officials have asked events that included more than 5,000 people in an indoor area to be canceled. This didn’t affect directly the Museum’s hours of operation, but this past Sunday, a tweet was posted in the Museum’s account saying that it will be closed for the staff to discuss the measurements to take against the coronavirus.  A crowd gathered around the museum in the morning hours, with people hoping for the museum to open again. 

After some hours, the museum tweeted again saying that the museum wouldn’t open for the day. Unfortunately, the museum has still not opened as of Tuesday, March 3. Even though it is set to open again this Wednesday, it wouldn’t be surprising that the opening is once again rescheduled. The man in charge of the Art Paris Fair commented on the topic, saying that it is important to not panic yet and that the vent is moving forward until further investigation. The Paris Art Fair is supposed to be during the week of the 2nd of April.

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