The Masters

There are many sports events in the world that are so entertaining that probably everyone in the world has heard about them at some point: the soccer World Cup, the Super Bowl, the Olympic games, and more. However, I believe that golf is a sport of which not many of us know a lot about. Three months ago, I could probably only name one golf player: Tiger Woods, but today, I am much more interested in the sport. I think this is because I started playing back in January, and I now understand how fun and even how kind of addicting golf can be. 

Anyway, why do I tell you all of this? One of the most important golf tournaments in the world has started today, “The Masters” and I think it deserved more recognition. Played at Augusta National (a beautiful and prestigious golf course), The Masters has brought together many of the best golfers in the world such as Rory Mcllroy, Jordan Spieth, Dustin Johnson, and more. 

Who will take the green jacket home? I am no analyst, but my gut tells me Jordan Spieth has a good chance of winning the tournament, especially after winning a tournament last week and recovering all of the confidence he was missing the last couple of years. 

For anyone who doesn’t like or isn’t interested in golf, I get you. I was exactly the same, I thought it was boring and took too long. But I now have a different perspective, and I really encourage everyone to give golf a chance!

Nicolas Trigo

Hi. My name is Nicolas Trigo, I’m a junior and what I enjoy the most in life is to give tennis, soccer, and sometimes even fifa ‘clasesitas’ to my friends.

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