The Monster that Terrorized the Cambrian Sea

Cambroraster falcatus

New expedition groups made up by researchers have now found hundreds of fossils of this ancient creature. This specimen, the Cambroraster falcatus, was a fierce predator which lived 508 million years ago. This predator had spiny claws, a round rasping mouth, a pair of jointed limbs that ended in rakelike claws, and a shield-shaped carapace that covered almost all his body. Even though this creature was only 30 centimeters long, at the time, the preys were far smaller, making it the king of the sea. C. falcatus may have used its long, spiky claws to rake through the sand and form a kind of basket in which it trapped animals such as worms, small arthropods, and even small fish.

This creature’s round mouth filled with tooth is a type of mouth that does not exist anymore and it is a characteristic of an extinct group of arthropods called radiodonts. It is known that radiodonts, in general, are rare to find in the fossil record, which makes this discovery even more remarkable. The fact that they found so many fossils of this creature clustered made the scientists suspect that it was a place in which there was abundant food supply, making an environmental discovery from the Cambrian era which is quite rare, if I made add. This tiny creature use to be the monster that roamed the Cambrian sea but now we have bigger creatures to worry about.

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