The NBA protesting and demanding change/justice on racism

As many people know racism has been going on for a long time and has been a problem for many decades. Racism has not only been negative for colored people it has also broken up many families. Racism has killed many people and broke out many protests over the years. People have been demanding change for years. Colored people are frustrated and tired of being treated as if they weren’t humans. 

People have been aware of this problem, but many people did not do what should have been done for change. Well, that has changed this year due to the publicly brutal killing of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. People have become very outraged and angry because of these killings by police brutality. As a result of that anger, people have started protesting and demanding change throughout the whole world. Even professional athletes are demanding change and are protesting. The protests for professional athletes have begun in the NBA. In June NBA players were in the streets protesting for change regardless of the pandemic. 

The pandemic did not stop any protests. Protests got worse daily. This problem has been going on since June with people being persistent and not stopping the protests. 

In July, the NBA season started in Orlando, Florida Bubble. Players did not miss the opportunity to do what is right and find a way to get heard. Players got the possibility to put social justice phrases on the back of their jerseys. They also had a chance to speak up publicly and display free speech. 

This past week there has been a new case of police brutality which included the shooting of Jacob Blake seven times to the back. He luckily survived the attack but  was left paralyzed from the hips down. This has sparked up the protests again and has put the U.S.A in conflict again. 

On the other hand, NBA players have also started protesting, it all started with the Milwaukee Bucks which had boycotted their game 5 playoff game vs The Orlando Magic. It all started from there with them making the first move. Then, the rest of the NBA teams boycotted their playoffs games during those two days Wednesday 26-Friday 28 during the month of August. After they all boycotted their games the NBA went into a difficult situation because some players didn’t want to continue the season but others wanted. They immediately went to a player, coaches, and commissioners meeting to decide the future of the NBA to decide what will happen to the season. 

They had the option to vote to see if they wanted the season to continue. Every team voted for the season to continue except the Los Angeles Clipper and the Los Angeles Lakers. Both teams have decided to boycott the whole season and not continue and go back to their city to fight for change and justice. The other teams voted for the season to continue, but required the NBA commissioners to demand change and help them fight against the government. 

The NBA playoffs continued on Saturday because the teams decided that they would make a bigger impact playing instead of leaving the Bubble. They have a very big influence on a very big audience so they are demanding change and they will change the world.


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