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The New Apple Car

Something that we have all been waiting for: the “Apple Car”. The newly presented car falls into two major categories: a self-driving vehicle system and a car unique modern vehicle design. There have been many rumors that this car will be powered by an electric motor and newly developed batteries, it’s believed to be released to the public by 2024. Apple at one point even considered BMW’s basis for their own car. One German report holds top secret information that says that Apple has a secret car lab in Berlin, staffing about 15 to 20 people from the German automotive industry to work on the concept of the “Apple Car”. The original vision of the “Apple Car” is that it would detect its driver via fingerprint and then drive them anywhere with its self-driving system. There are many speculations when it comes to what the new car will be holding for us. There are no confirmations yet and the fact that all of the information that they are withholding gives us, their consumers, more and more curiosity. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what Apple has in stock for us.

Some Images of What the Secrets Hold:

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