The new Macbook Pro

Apple’s last Mac Pro came out in 2013. Since then, Apple lovers all around the world have been asking for a new, much more powerful computer to face the challenges of today’s world. Now we’re looking at one of the best engineered laptop computers ever made. 

` First, this new generation of MacBooks brings the new chips M1 pro and M1 max. Apple had already surprised everyone with the performance, and power efficiency of the chip M1 in the last Macbook Air, and they claim these new chips are even more powerful. For example, the 14-inch Macbook with M1 Pro is up to 5 times more powerful than the previous model, with intel core-i7, and the 16-inch Macbook  with M1 Max is even crazier, being 3 times more powerful than a computer with intel core-i9. If you are not familiar with these terms, just let me tell you that the new Macbooks are simply out of this planet.

With the new Macbooks there also comes news on the screen. The screens on these computers are the most advanced screens on any laptop on the planet. They contain a screen of the type, Liquid Retina XDR, which provides amazing contrast and resolution to every photo, video, movie, or videogame. Furthermore, this type of screen is perfect for realism, making movies a thrill to watch. Finally, the screens in these Macbooks contain a refresh rate of 120hz with pro motion, which means you will be able to see about 120 frames per second in a video, while maintaining the full resolution in every image. Just one more fact to show the power of these screens is that they can show up to a million different colors, which is simply mind-blowing.

Another innovation Apple presented with these laptops are the new super fast SSDs. To explain what this means, imagine most office computers have Hard Disc Drives, or HDD. Then, the advanced computers for heavy tasks, or for gaming, have Solid State Drives, or SSD. This makes the computer in general, faster, when doing almost anything. From the time your computer takes to turn on, through the time it takes it to open Word, or Chrome, and to the time it takes to render a video, or 3D model, the SSD will reduce that time, making the overall experience of using your computer better. Well, now, Apple has introduced the super fast SSDs, which are twice as fast than regular SSd. 

Finally, the battery is also something to highlight, given that the most advanced model can handle over 20 hours of video playback with just one full charge, and even the most basic Macbook will guarantee you almost 15 hours of video playback. To put that into perspective, this means that you could watch seven and a half movies with just one full charge.

If you want to know more about what I talked about in this article, and about other new products that were presented together with these laptops, you can check the Apple event of October 18th, as well as the thousands of reviews on Youtube.

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