The Oldest Artworks

Throughout the day it is likely that you have seen some type of art. Art can be found in paintings, pottery, music, photography, writings, and architecture. Art has been with humans for a long time; it has also changed throughout human history. History shows us that art didn’t look the same as we can see it today. In the first art pieces, pencils, markers, or brushes were not used. Art has changed as well as humans have. We will now see how the earliest pieces of art found were. 

  1. Venus of Tan-Tan (200,00.-500,000 BC)

Top 10 Oldest Art Ever Discovered

This sculpture was found in the river Draa Near near the Moroccan town of Tan-Tan. The length of this piece is around 6 centimeters of length and 2 centimeters in diameter. The Venus of Tan-Tan is one of the oldest pieces of prehistoric sculpture. It is believed that this art piece was in the Pre-Homo sapien era. This sculpture has been dated to 200,000-500,000 BC. 

2. Blombos Cave Engraments (70,000 BC)

Blombos Cave

This cave rock art contains rock pieces engraved into a cave with geometric signs. This artwork was discovered in 2002 and has been estimated to be around 70,000 BC. This art piece can also tell us that prehistoric humans were capable of creating and understanding geometric shapes and symbols. It is also one of the oldest pieces of sub-Saharan African art.  

3. Bhimbetka and Daraki-Chattan Cupules (700,000 BC)

Bhimbetka Petroglyphs, Cupules: Prehistoric Art in India

The Bhimbetka and Daraki-Chattan Cupules are the oldest prehistoric pieces of art discovered. They have been dated to 700,000 BC, which is almost four times some of the oldest artworks ever found. This distinct artwork has been discovered in two quartzite caves in the Madhya Pradesh regions of central India.

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