The people traveling in the migrant caravan to the United States

 How many times have you purchased new shirts or shoes because you wanted to be “in season”?

Have you given thought to the amount of clothes a person who earns less than a dollar a day can afford? Whole families have risked their lives by traveling all the way from South and Central America to the the U.S. in search of a better life.

  Escaping gang violence and starvation is one of the highest priorities of the people travelling to the United States. The caravan of immigrants planning to pass the U.S. border consists of families escaping extreme hunger and are in seek of a better future for their children.

Neri Alexander Manueles is a 34 years old parent whose main objective is to get a job in the U.S. to help his family who stayed in Honduras. He owns a convenience store but is forced to pay taxes to the MS-13 gang, known as La Mara Salvatrucha. He is not a criminal escaping to the U.S, he is a parent who seeks to get a job to maintain his family with two children in Honduras. Meri stated the following when asked about the risk he was taking by joining the caravan, “I know I’m risking my life but I see my poor family and having to pay the Mara or they might kill me is no way to live”. Meri is no delinquent, he has “never even been stopped by the police” and yet he is seen as a criminal for trying cross the U.S. border to help his family.  

More people, such as Sam Rivera Maldone, relate and travel in the caravan with the same purpose. Sam is a 27 years old father of 2 years old twins who escaped the economic crisis of Nicaragua. Friends of his who opposed the government were stopped, tortured, and then released. He is putting his faith in God and hopes for a better life.

  People in the caravan include single fathers, grandparents, and whole families whose prime motive is to have the opportunity to live without the fear of violence or hunger. These are people who had no option but to leave a countries that are drowning its people in constant fear of survival.

 By crossing the border to the U.S, people such as Neri and Sam face the possibility of earning enough money to live and feed their families. People like these two fathers are the ones who are seen as criminals, but in reality, they are survivors. There may be some lawbreakers who took the opportunity to join the caravan. However, one cannot spot a stain in a paper and throw it away; or in this case, deploy the National Guard and the Militia to protect the country as stated by President Trump.

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