The Possibility of a 15” Macbook

Currently, there is only one version of the Macbook Air. Macbook Air only comes out in 13 inch while the Macbook Pro has both the 13 inch and 16 inch options. So for Macbook users who prefer a bigger screen, their only option is to buy the 16 inch Macbook Pro, which is very expensive for normal users (and that is what Apple wants you to buy). The 16 inch Macbook Pro starts at almost $2500, which is ridiculously expensive for an everyday-use laptop.

The main difference between the Macbook Air and Pro is the processors inside. The Pro lineup shares the same chip base, but it is mostly the upgraded version of the original chip inside the Macbook Air. For example, the current Air has Apple’s famous M1 chip. While both the 14 inch and 16 inch Pros both have their chips based on the M1, Pro buyers can choose between the upgraded M1 Pro and M1 Max chips. 

However, most people don’t necessarily need either one of the upgraded chips. The M1 chip beats pretty much every other chip in the market, and is enough for most people who would use it to check emails and take online classes. That is why so many people are waiting for Apple to release a Macbook Air with bigger screens. 

It is unclear when Apple will release it or if Apple ever will. However, there have been more and more rumors that Apple is indeed preparing the release of a new Macbook Air with a 15 inch screen. Apple is expected to introduce it in late 2023 or early 2024. Whether to wait for it or to buy an alternative is your choice. 

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