The Possibility of Foldable iPhones

Apple is one of the biggest phone companies in the world, shipping hundreds of millions of phones every year. Apple used to be one of the most innovative companies as well, trying new technologies on their phones which had huge influence on the mobile phone industry. When it comes to foldable phones however, it seems Apple is a bit behind. 

In September 2019, Samsung revealed the world’s first foldable smartphone, Galaxy Z Fold. Since then, Samsung  made huge progress with their folding technology, selling millions of units every year. Samsung isn’t the only company to make foldable phones. Just days after Samsung announced the world’s first foldable, Huawei announced their own foldable phone Huawei Mate X. Last year, the market got even more competitive. Xiaomi released their Mi Mix Fold and Mi Mix Flex, directly competing with Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold and the Galaxy Z Flip. Oppo was quick to build a foldable as well: Oppo Find N. However, the competition at the foldable market is missing a player. Where’s Apple?

It seems that Apple isn’t going to release their foldable anytime soon. There have been lots of people guessing why Apple is taking so long. Some say that because Apple only wants to ship perfect products, they’re still working on getting rid of the crease in the center of the phone, and won’t release it until they fix the issue. Others say Apple isn’t sure about the foldable phone market industry and that they’re still taking caution about entering a new market. A few say Apple simply lacks the technology needed to build a foldable phone. 

Whatever the case is, it’s better if Apple joins the competition. Apple’s influence is enormous in the market. Their loyal (and maybe a bit blind) fanboys and fangirls will buy whatever Apple throws at them regardless of its price. That would lead to the overall growth of the foldable market. Also, for Apple, the more they wait, the further their competitors will advance. Even though Apple might catch up, every year they pass without release, their competitors will introduce a new generation of phones. Samsung is in their third generation and will release their fourth this fall. Huawei is also in their third generation. Even Xiaomi and Oppo are expected to introduce their second generation this year. 

The problem with this is that when a company releases their products, there are going to be praises and problems. The company’s job is to find out the problems or complaints and fix them in the following generation. Today, Galaxy Z Fold 3 has waterproof technology as well as compatible accessories like the s-pen. It is unclear when Apple will release their foldables, or if they even plan on making one, but it is evident that in the current market, the sooner the better.

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