The Race for artificial intelligence supremacy

Throughout history, a general technology purpose has moved some of the most powerful civilizations to change everything. For example, the invention of gunpowder, the steam engine, electricity, or the internet has brought countless inventions and built the world as we know it. The general technological purpose of today is artificial intelligence, and whether we like it or not, it is already shaping the world of the future. 

Today we see artificial intelligence all the time, even if we do not notice it. For example, you may have heard about the artificial intelligence in Tesla self-driving cars. You may also have heard about the amazing artificial intelligence that goes on social media, like the “for you page” on Tik Tok or the recommended page on Youtube and Twitch. However, artificial intelligence is not that new; It has been all over us for a long time. For instance, the autocorrect I am using right now to write this article is flooded with artificial intelligence. The same happens with cell phone cameras, especially iPhones, that use artificial intelligence to take better pictures and videos for about five years. There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence will be the foundation of all the new big industries worldwide.

Today, the United States is the world leader in artificial intelligence.A Massachusetts Institute of Technology team inserted 100 million chemical compounds into an AI system, and the system figured out exactly how each of the proteins and molecules worked without any additional information. What has taken humans hundreds of years was figured out by a computer exceptionally quickly. Furthermore, the United States is where the most common AIs are being developed, like the Tesla and Social Media ones.

However, another country is aiming to take the spot of the US and dominate AI in the next few years. China aims to be the world{s leader in AI by 2030, and this does not seem like something difficult. As of today, China has over four times as many engineers as the US. They’re putting massive amounts of money into AI transformations and digitization, and they are improving the power of their computers as no other country has ever done before. The Communist Party has stated more than once that AI will drive the country’s economy in years to come. 

The fantastic thing about AI is that there is still so much room for innovation. This creates massive competition between countries wanting to do AI. Anyway, this competition just leads to the advancement of the field and improves the lives of everyone in the world.

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