The Return of Stephen Curry

As many of you know, Stephen Curry is the best shooter in the NBA and is part of the Golden State Warriors. Back in October when the Golden State Warriors were facing off against the Phoenix Suns, Curry broke his hand. The game was going great and the Warriors were losing to the Phoenix Suns. Until in the third quarter Curry fell down awkwardly and unfortunately broke his hand. This was because Stephen Curry was going in for the layup and Aaron Baynes tried to take the charge. He did that by standing in front of Stephen Curry and staying still for Curry to bump into him and get the offensive foul. Well, that didn’t go as planned and as both thought it would go. This went to the worst case scenario it could have gone, Curry ran as fast as he could into the paint for the lay up and then Aaron Baynes stood there for the charge. They both jumped into each other and Aaron Baynes fell on Stephen Curry’s left hand and broke it. 

They took Curry out of the game and took him to the locker room to get examined. When we got the results back we could see that Curry had broken his hand and needed two operations to repair the fractures in his hand. Curry underwent both operations the next day and everything in the operations turned out to go well and prepared all the fractured bones. Now it was time for him to start the recovery for his big return. Curry couldn’t do anything for two months. After those two months he started very slow and went increasing his paste. By now he is already in good shape, he is healthy, and has practiced with the team. Many people are waiting for him to come back in March.

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