The Return of the NBA (The New sensation: The NBA Bubble)

Well, as many of you know, these have been hard times and the truth is it hasn’t ended yet. Regarding sports, they are coming back slowly; these include the NBA and many other sports that are returning without any spectators. 

This can be both good and bad due to many reasons:

  1. They came back to entertain us during this endless quarantine period
  2. Unfortunately, there are no fans to experience the events and be present in the match. 

The new feeling aka The NBA Bubble is a very safe place for players to be and participate in games. So you may be asking yourself “How do they manage to do that?” Well, the answer is kind of simple. The NBA team has worked very hard with professionals from Disney to be able to make this plan a reality. For this to be realistic and come to life there are some ground rules players must follow:

  1. Everyone needs to use a mask on campus except when eating and playing matches
  2. They must undergo a Covid-19 test every week
  3. They have to take their temperature and check their oxygenation level daily with a device the NBA provided for every player
  4. They Cannot leave the NBA bubble, not even for food delivery
  5. When a player enters the bubble they have to take a Covid-19 test and quarantine for ten days
  6. Only players from other teams can attend other matches
  7. They can’t see their family or friends because they are not allowed to leave
  8. They also have the possibility to display a social justice message on their jerseys because of the social justice movement the NBA is leading (Black Lives Matter)

The NBA Bubble consists of each team having its own practice court whether it is in their hotel or outside their hotel. The bubble has 3 official NBA courts where the matches are played without any spectators. They have 3 big hotels that are only available for them (The 22 teams that went). They also have the possibility of fishing and the possibility of golfing. The Bubble has a hair salon so the players don’t go outside the bubble. They also have the availability to go to any of the Disney parks without any other visitors.

So you may be asking yourself “How do they attend the games and go to the courts?” Well, they have to go on their team bus and altogether so they don’t take any risks. 

This may sound very complex but is the safest place for the players to continue pursuing their passion. This is not only a safe path to take but it benefits everyone. It benefits everyone because fans are entertained and have the chance to observe them from afar and the players are safe from getting infected with the virus. 

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