The Second Round of the NBA Playoffs

The NBA playoffs have had very competetive and heated matches. The second round of the playoffs only consists of 4 teams for each conference. The best teams for each conference. This round determines which teams go to the conference finals to have a shot at being the conference champion and going to the NBA Finals. This is a big deal, every team wants to get a shot  for the championship, but not every team has the potential to get there. 

Not all matchups were set until last night when Oklahoma City Thunder and Houston Rockets went at it in a game 7 heated matchup. This game was to determine who passed to the second round of the playoffs and played against the Los Angeles Lakers. As the other series in the Western Conference, The Los Angeles Clippers are playing against the Denver Nuggets (Lead by the Clipper 2-1). 

In the Eastern Conference the series have been very interesting and full of drama. The Miami Heat which are seed #5 are going against the Milwaukee Bucks seed #1. This series has been considered because the Miami Heat led the series 3-1. They are one win away from advancing to the conference finals. On the other hand the Boston Celtics are going off against the Toronto Raptors, the current NBA champions. This series has had many ups and downs with Boston winning the first two games and the Raptors winning the third game with a buzzer beater and winning the fourth game. The fifth game was played yesterday and was considered for the whole match with the Boston Celtics winning the game by 30. 

This week we might see the Milwaukee Bucks time to leave the bull come. This will be determined tonight if the Heat win the match.


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