The Seniors Will be Doing the Haunted House next year

As we all know the haunted house was cancelled because of all the disruptions that we have been having. We, ther Juniors, see this as an unfair situation; we wanted the haunted house. Just 2 days before showtime, the country started to fall apart. We had a choice to continue working on the haunted house or to defend the democracy of our country. We were all excited to start scaring little kids at 7PM on a Friday. We still want to do the Halloween fair so that’s why I have come up with a plan that, in my opinion, is beneficial for everyone in school. The plan is that the seniors do the haunted house next year, but what will happen to the next year juniors? Well they would something else like sell food or do something with entertainment. The next year after we graduate, they will be doing the haunted house, and it’ll be like that until the end of times or unless until something happens. We want the haunted house back.

Matias Taborga

My name is Matias Taborga. I am a junior who loves life. I am from Bolivia. My favorite food is gyros. A word that would describe me would be notorious.

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