The Speed of Light

In physics, net velocity is limited by the maximum speed known in the universe: the speed of light (299,792,458 m / s). If it weren’t for this maximum velocity and there were alternate unknown fuel sources, humans could reach this speed and travel at a high rate of speed all over the universe. To our knowledge nothing can reach or pass the speed of light as we don’t have the technology or fuel source. The speed of light is commonly denominated as the variable c and it is even found in Einstein’s equation e=mc^2 following the second World War involving the atomic bomb. Some people believe that in order to reach the speed of light, one must harness light itself and use light as a fuel musch like wind and a sail. There is no known way of doing this but scientists have been trying to find a way for a very long time as it would allow humans to become an interplanetary species. Elon Musk is trying to achieve this through SpaceX, but he is using technology available in the present and developing it to become more advanced for the future. His goal is to be able to make the trip of 9 months to Mars using his rocket Starship and be able to establish a colony on the distant planet. We will have to wait and find out what happens.

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