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The third season of YOU is a disaster

Shouldn’t you be excited when the new season of your favorite tv show comes out? Well, that is until you watch the new season and get disappointed. Before discussing the third season of YOU, let’s think about what makes this show curious. First, the main character narrates everything he experiences. Also, he is a man that obsesses with women and does absolutely everything to enter their lives. These two things are the essence of the show, making it original. Now, considering the characteristics of the show, does the new season maintains those things? The truth is that not quite. Of the three seasons, the first one is still the best because the story is better, but the show’s essence is kept in the second season. When it comes to the third season, the level decays. The show’s characteristics are lost, and the plot is highly dull except for the last three episodes. 

Two characters tell two different points of view and stories. That splits the audience’s attention too much, deducting entertainment and interest. The main character, Joe,  is changed completely compared to the first and second seasons. The story of Joe’s wife is irrelevant and uninteresting because it doesn’t have anything related to the show’s essence. Thus, it takes seven out of ten episodes to get the audience to the episodes containing the show’s core and most important part of the plot. In the first episodes, we see a Joe, not obsessed with any woman, wanting to form a family, with a woman he doesn’t like anymore. Then, the story of Love and a neighbor, which is entirely off the original plot. Finally, in the last three episodes, the audience can enjoy a Joe, obsessed with a new woman, trying to figure out how to escape from his wife and be with this new woman, Marianne. 

It has become popular, nowadays, between production companies, to extend shows as much as possible. Production companies want to squeeze every last dollar they can get from series. Unfortunately, new seasons don’t always mean good news. In fact, most of the time, when shows are lengthened, they fail because of the greed of production companies. Unfortunately, this is what happened to YOU, and even worse, there is a possibility of a new season coming. Let’s just hope the show is not a disaster and its originality is kept, being remembered as an incredible show. 

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