The Top 5 Most Incredible Virtual Tours

The pandemic has certainly made traveling much more difficult. The good thing is that new opportunities have opened in the virtual world. Below, you will find the most amazing and diverse places you can visit from the comfort of your home that I bet you didn’t know about. The links to the websites are located at the end of each section. Get comfortable, because this trip will take you places!

The American Museum of Natural History

If you have watched the movie “Night at the Museum” starring Robin Williamns and Ben Stiller, then you will definitely want to check this out. You can now take a virtual tour in the same museum where dinosaurs and Sacajawea took life on their own. Click here

2. National Aquarium in Baltimore

If you love the ocean and its wildlife, then this tour is perfect for you. This incredible aquarium located in Baltimore, USA is granting free virtual tours, so that you can see the most exotic sea animals from the comfort of your home. Click here

3. London City Tour

We are not limited to visiting only a museum or park, now we can visit an entire city too! With this virtual tour you are able to discover new places in London as if you were walking there yourself. This is probably one of the most complete tours out there. Click here

4. Grand Tour of Switzerland

Why visit only a city when you can visit an entire country?This virtual tour will take you on a trip through numerous cities in Switzerland! Here, you will see the most significant places in each city as you learn a little about their history. Click here

5. Angkor Wat

If you are a history lover, then you will absolutely love this! Now, you can visit the largest religious monument on the planet and see what it was like during its prime years. This could undoubtedly help you out in your history class. click here

I hope you enjoyed this trip with me and got to see new places. Go and keep visiting the world!

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