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The Ultimate Online Career Experience

An email regarding the opportunities students will have for online internships during summer break was sent Wed, Apr 21. Due to Covid restrictions, students have found it difficult to secure work experience over the past year. ‘Live Online’ Summer Internships seek to provide teenagers, aged 12 to 18, with the “ultimate career experience.” Their goal is to provide them with the knowledge, experience, advantage, and network that they need to get a head start in their dream career. 

Live Online programs provide a mix of immersive simulations, business visits, seminars, networking sessions, and career coaching tips; all specifically selected and delivered by industry experts eager to help the next generation of talent to succeed. Live Online offers experiences that include Art, Architecture, Computer Science, Journalism, Dentistry, International Development, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Law, Fashion Design, Filmmaking, Investment Banking, Management Consultancy, Marketing, Medicine, Politics, Psychology, Music, Publishing, and Veterinary Science. 45,000+ students from 100+ countries have chosen a Live Online experience…

There is no application process, but places are highly limited.

Nicolas Zamorra

Hi, my name is Nicolas, I am a junior, I love soccer, and a word that would describe me would be reliable.

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