The Winner of the Super Bowl

T The Super Bowl took place on the second of February, 2020. The Super Bowl took place in Miami in the Hard Rock Stadium. This was Super Bowl #54 and a very good one. The two teams that participated in this Super Bowl were the Kansas City Chiefs and, the San Francisco 49ers. With Shakira and Jennifer Lopez presenting in the halftime show accompanied by Bad Bunny and J Balvin.

The Super Bowl started very intense and was very heated. After the first play, there were already some arguments and things started getting heated. The first three points scored were by the San Francisco 49ers with a field goal. Then the match went on until the Chiefs scored a touchdown. So the score was 7-3 with the Chiefs taking the lead. Afterward, the 49ers scored a touchdown and the Chiefs scored a field goal making the match a tie one. Going to half time tied 10-10.

The second half started and the match started getting better and better. The Chiefs led by Patrick Maholm started running much more and making longer passes. The 49ers got two interceptions and scored another touchdown leading the Super Bowl 17-10. The Third QTR went like that until the Chiefs scored a touchdown and brought down the gap to three points. When there were two minutes left in the second QTR the 49ers scored another field goal taking the lead up to 20-17. No one knew what could happen in the fourth QTR. Well, the last QTR of the Super Bowl started and both teams had high hopes. The Chiefs started running and running and, scored a touchdown taking the lead by 4. The score was 20-24 and the 49ers’ only choice was to score another touchdown for the lead. They started getting nervous and messing every play up. After messing up the plays so much the Chiefs got the possession of the ball. The 49ers had to stop them unless they wanted to lose the Super Bowl. They couldn’t stop the Chiefs because they were playing too well and everything was going their way. During that possession, they scored another touchdown taking the score to 31-20. There was 1 minute in half of the match left. A miracle had to happen for the 49ers to be the champions. They tried and tried but couldn’t pull it off. 

The Chiefs won the Super Bowl #54. Winning by eleven points (31-20). 49ers fans and team were devastated and very sad they lost. 

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