The Worst Intake for Your Brain

The most important organ in your body is your brain. It controls your heart, lungs, and all of the other systems in your body. This is why it is very important that your brain gets the nutrients it deserves and needs. Many foods can affect how your brain stores memory, how your mood changes, and it can also increase the risk of dementia. By 2030 there is an estimate that 65 million people will have dementia in the world. To help reduce the risk of this you can cut certain foods from your daily routines.

The first thing that is bad for your brain is sugary drinks. These include sodas, energy drinks, fruity juices, sport drinks, and many more. Not only does this increase your waistline, but it also increases the risk of having a heart attack and/or diabetes.  This type of diabetes is usually type 2 diabetes, which increases your risk of alzheimer’s when older. These high sugar levels in your blood system can increase the risk of getting dementia. A common ingredient in these sugary drinks is fructose, usually high levels of fructose. Recent animal studies has shown that high levels of fructose can reduce memory, brain function, formation of brain neurons, learning, and can lead to insulin resistance in the brain. Another study show that a diet high on sugar can lead to inflammation on the brain and impaired memory. Further studies have to be made on humans to assure the exact effect on  high intake of fructose and sugary drinks. Studies suggest that these drinks might have a negative affect on your brain besides the common effects of sugar. Alternatives for these drinks include water, unsweetened dairy, vegetables, and unsweetened drinks. Another bad intake for your brain is refined carbohydrates. These include white flour, sugars, and high processed foods. The number one ingredient in these foods is glycemic index. This ingredient spikes your blood levels and insulin level. Foods that contain high glycemic levels have been found to impair your brain function. This can usually affect you memory both in adults and children. Just a single meal with high glycemic levels can affect your brain. An alternative to these foods are fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and many more.

Gwyndoline Tingey

Gwyndoline is a 12th grader. She is a photographer for the Newspaper team. She loves cheerleading.

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