“There’s a New Section in GIN?”

GIN is a class that one can take to acquire a tech credit or an art credit. This is a new section that has been added to the GIN system. When applying to GIN, one could either become a carbon cutter or an audiovisual. The carbon cutters are more related to the environment while being an audiovisual makes you work on making posters, making videos, and other tech-related activities.

The name of this new section is still a mystery and is under discussion between all the members of GIN, for now, it is called GIN tech. The name gives a little idea of what this section is related to tech activities. The main purpose of this new section is to help and support others. GIN tech one would create, edit videos, to support other initial classes. For example, if the members of this group would want to support Stuco, they would make a video on whatever they’re trying to advertise or indicate. These videos would keep a record of an event or a situation that happened. 

To join this section, it is like any other section in GIN, one has to send an application and arrange a meeting to be accepted. Anyone from grades 9-12 can join in GIN tech. GIN tech doesn’t require a specific skill, one could either start from zero, or one could love to edit and make videos. 

Currently, GIN tech has no plans for the year, right now the members are settling in and getting to know each other and learning the basic rules on how to film. Getting the angles perfect, sounds, and other details that make a video ten times better.

Vincenza Marisco

My name is Vincenza Marsico. I’m in 10th grade. I love cats. I have a fear of spiders.

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