Things To Do To Not Be Bored – Netflix Edition

During these times of quarantine due to Covid-19, people seem to be bored most of the time. This can be due to how one has to stay at home most of the day and how it seems difficult to entertain oneself. Entertainment can be an excellent way of getting out of boredom due to how it allows people to distract themselves for a period of time. There are many forms of entertainment, but a really popular one is Netflix. 

Netflix as most of you may know, is a website that has 1 petabyte of movies and series. It is an excellent site and there is no doubt that many people use this to get entertained. But, there is a problem with Netflix. On average it takes 45 minutes for a person to choose what to watch. 45 minutes is a long time indeed. So I will give a list of the top 3 recommended movies of each genre to watch so that you don’t have to be searching for something to watch for 45 minutes. 


The comedy movies recommended are:

  • Superbad +16
  • Norbit +13
  • Scary Movie +16

These movies are very funny. They would be excellent if one is feeling sad, because I am sure that these movies will bring out a smile. 


The action movies recommended are:

  • War Dogs +16
  • Ride Along #1, #2 +16
  • Baby Driver  +16

These movies are so entertaining that the hour long movie will pass like if it were 10 minutes. They are perfect when one is feeling clueless as of what to do. 


The scary movies recommended are: 

  • The Silence of the Lambs +16
  • Veronica +16
  • Creep +16

Now these movies are really scary. Be sure to watch them with someone else. 


The classic movies recommended are:

  • The Godfather 1,2,3 +16
  • Goodfellas +16
  • Heat +14

 Personally my favorite genre of movies due to how entertaining and intense these movies are highly recommended.


Mirko Lebl

My name is Mirko Lebl and I love adrenaline. I live in La Paz, Bolivia and a word that would describe me is flexible.

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